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As one would expect from Director Norry Niven, this film is visually stunning. Each scene composed and shot for magnificent visual effect. Watch the film carefully and you will see lensing and coloring that put you in different Cinematic time frames appropriate for each scene. But the love story that is threaded through the film strikes a variety of emotional chords that make you want to laugh, cry, scream out triumphantly or just contemplate the moment. Danny Glover is amazing, as always, with his role as the romantic lead, looking back on a life filled with the cherished memories and hard realities of true love between an interracial couple. Veteran Graham Greene also turns in an amazing performance as does most everyone in this delicate and complex film. It is a heart warming story, perfect for those times when you need a good soul-cleansing cinematic experience.
— Jim Sykora, Willow St. Agency