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The most poignant line in “Chasing Shakespeare” is easily “Love is the electricity that flows in all of us.” A love story with a metaphysical spin and a lot of electricity since it just so happens that Danny Glover’s character, William Ward, is married to a Native American woman named Venus who is from, appropriately, the Lightning Clan.

Glover and Graham Greene shine along with a cast of up and comers who indeed serve to create moments in this film that become an “enchanting love story.” Glover’s character and his wife Venus in the opening of the film has the two engrossed in Shakespeare as she lies dying. Proving the ultimate act of love he wheels her bed outside under a tree where she can die in a storm. As the movie unfolds Glover’s character is on a continual search to reunite with the woman he loves after her death.

Director Norry Niven is a Texas native who studied film at the University of Texas at Arlington. While he lived in Los Angeles for a time, he came back to Texas and formed Stone Core Films, a commercial production company, as well as Three-One-O, a separate commercial production company based in Los Angeles.

DIFF 2013: “Chasing Shakespeare” Review

Danny Glover stars in Chasing Shakespeare, a story about an extraordinary love between a man and a woman. William Ward is enchanted by Venus Redhawk’ s audition for the role of Juliet in a local school production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Their love story begins with a spark and grows through a love of Shakespeare and the magic of Native American folklore.

What a magnificent film! It’s on a level with The Notebook for its love story and the fact that you’ll be in tears for most of the film. The magic of the lightning, the folklore, and Shakespeare himself are a compelling mix that is irresistible. Danny Glover is wonderful as the elder William, grieving the loss of his beloved wife and remembering the magic they shared. Chelsea Ricketts is enchanting as the young Venus, and audiences will fall under her spell as just as young William does in the film. Director Norry Niven makes his directorial debut with this film and does a fantastic job! With a native Texan director, it’s only fitting that Chasing Shakespeare is a homegrown project filmed here in North Texas.

Tonight’s screening of Chasing Shakespeare is sold out, but there are still rush tickets available. Get your tickets and get there early because you don’t want to miss seeing this film while you have the chance! Visit for more information and tickets.

Jeanne Powell reviews “Chasing Shakespeare

“Chasing Shakespeare” is the opening film in the American Indian Film Festival on the west coast this year. It already has won awards at festivals in Cannes, Houston and Hollywood.

Danny Glover and Graham Greene are the accomplished actors whose names you know. Just wait, though, until you meet this film’s heroine Venus Red Hawk, played by Chelsea Ricketts.

This is a love story, told in flashback over 50 years. It will bring you joy and laughter, and after you see it you will wonder why, for the tenth time this week no doubt, why all films can’t be made with such joy.