About The Movie

moviePoster"From Above is an award winning, myth-poetic feature film about two souls so deeply in love with one another that they are entangled behond life itself."

Elements of Shakespeare's stories are woven into this beautiful and enchanting tale that details the beginning, end, and rebirth of a love affair between William (Danny Glover) and Venus (Tantoo Cardinal). Told in flashback from his wife's deathbed, William Ward's story traces his first meeting of the beautiful Venus who is from the Lightning Clan, a mystical Native American family living in Arkansas. After William's father is stricken ill, they separate and Venus strikes out on her own in New York, believing that she will find her calling on a magical night in the city. William's father passes away and William now travels to New York to find his Venus. A wild storm, an impromptu play on a city building and an eventual reunion all bring them together. As the grieving William holds vigil by the death bed of his beloved Venus, he admits to his adult son that he has attempted to make contact with her spirit and that she has begun appearing to him in visions, questions about the old man's sanity begin to surface until a miracle makes true believers of them both.

Though society, cultural circumstances, and family pressures conspire to keep them apart, William and Venus, with the support of her guardian (Graham Greene), create a love that transcends all obstacles.

Rated: PG
Genre: Drama
Studio: eleven-55 Films
Directed By: Norry Niven
Written By: James Bird
Produced By: Loren Baulto, Norry Niven & Anya Remizova

the cast

  • Danny Glover

    William Ward...

  • Graham Greene

    Mr. Mountain...

  • Chelsea Ricketts


  • Mike Wade

    Young William Ward...

  • Tantoo Cardinal

    Older Venus...

  • Adriana Mather


  • Clarence Gilyard Jr.

    Jeremiah Ward...

  • Ashley Bell